Le Fort du Portalet

Las Güixas caves

The Fort at Jaca

Thursday Market at Bedous

La Maison d’en Bas

Vegetarian Chambres d’Hôtes / Bed and Breakfast

In the village of Etsaut,

In the heart of the French Pyrenees

Local attractions


Although a little rain is generally not a problem when walking, if thunder and lightening are forecast, it is better to avoid the mountains. Consequently, its good to have some backup plans for such days should they occur. 

There are two café/bars within walking distance of the Maison d’en Bas—(one in Etsaut and one in Borce). Heading North from Etsaut, down the Aspe valley, there are variety of shops and other facilities in Bedous and Oloron Sainte Marie, both of which are directly accessible by bus. Market days are Thursday (Bedous) and Friday (Oloron Sainte Marie). If you have a car, its also worth checking out the beautiful mountain villages of Lescun and Aydius.



Luckily, bad weather rarely affects both sides of the Pyrenees at the same time, so rainy days on the French side often coincide with clear blue skies on the Spanish side. So, one option on rainy days is to head south -  to Spain.  Local tourist attractions include the Fort de Portalet (3 km from us);  the village of Canfranc Estacion (20km, 30 minutes by bus) and Las Güixas caves (about 25km) from Etsaut. You can also visit Jaca the ancient regional capital. 

To get to Jaca from Etsaut, with public transport, you need to change buses at Canfranc Estación (or hop on the train there).  Cycling from Etsaut to the nearby villages and towns can be dangerous (and is not advised), as unfortunately there are stretches where there is no option but to use the Route National.

Le Communal Bar (Borce)