There are two ways of making a reservation...


By telephone or email (see our contact details below)

          Telephone/email booking prices per night (including continental breakfast) …

· Double or twin bedroom                                                          €60.00 (1-2 people)

· Double and twin bedroom                                                       €80.00 (3 people)

· Double and twin bedroom                                                       €100.00 (4 people)

· Double and bedroom with 3 single beds                                 €120.00 (5 people)

                                                         Plus Taxe de Séjour of €0.55 per adult per night.


Or… Instant booking with Airbnb (credit cards accepted)


Contact Details


Paul Brocklehurst

La Maison d’en Bas

Chemin de Yese,

64490 Etsaut


French Mobile +33 6 32 91 55 23

You can also phone this number via What’sApp    


The Host

Prior to opening the Maison d’en Bas, Paul was a researcher at the University of Edinburgh where he conducted research into stuttering. He has degrees in speech therapy and psycholinguistics (the psychology of language), and a PhD in experimental psychology from the University of Edinburgh. 

Although no longer conducting research, he continues to work in a voluntary capacity for the Stammering Self-Empowerment Programme which hosts a free online therapy course for people who stutter, and also week-long “Walk and Talk” and “mindfulness” retreats here in Etsaut, for people who stutter.

In addition to his work with stuttering, Paul is a keen practitioner of mindfulness/ meditation. He was originally trained in Japanese Zen, and over the years has helped set up and run a number of (non-aligned) meditation groups.

In his spare time, more than anything, he loves to walk in wild remote environments. 

La Maison d’en Bas

Vegetarian Chambre d’Hôte / Bed and Breakfast

In the village of Etsaut,

In the heart of the French Pyrenees

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